Student Success Centre

It is the mission of West Island College’s Student Success Centre to foster physical, emotional and academic well-being through learning and personal education planning. The academic and personal supports offered at WIC continue the College’s tradition of learning beyond traditional curricular lines establishing the support networks and skills necessary to help students reach their full potential.

It is the mission of WIC's Student Success Centre to foster physical, emotional, and academic wellbeing through learning support, counselling, and personalized educational planning. The academic and personal supports offered at WIC continue the College's tradition of learning beyond traditional curricular lines, establishing the support networks and skills necessary for students to reach their full potential.

Through a variety of universal and specialized supports, students can feel more confident with their learning at WIC. Supports include:

Universal Supports:
  • Test centre
  • Extra help with classroom teacher
  • SSC drop-in
  • Peer tutoring
  • Student referral
Targeted Instruction:
  • Learning strategies sessions
  • Academic Counselling
  • Socio-emotional counselling
Intensive Intervention:
  • Recommendations from psychologists
  • Regular counselling sessions
  • Referrals to outside professionals