Athletics at West Island College are an integral and valued part of the school culture. Athletic competition plays a vital role in developing one’s physical, intellectual, social and emotional well-being, and WIC takes pride in exceptional student participation rates. Furthermore, the coaching staff are passionate about helping the athletes to develop a lifelong love of physical activity during their journeys to individual excellence.

WIC offers a wide variety of athletic opportunities from Grade 7 through to Grade 12. Interscholastic teams start at the end of August with golf and volleyball and finish in June with soccer, field hockey and rugby. Teams are competitive and try-outs are held at all levels. All teams have both practices and games, and some many teams also participate in outside tournaments. Practices are held at the school or a nearby field in the morning before school, or after school. Games and tournaments are played both at home and away.

The Grade 7 boys and Grade 7 girls teams are open for tryouts for Grade 7 students only. The Grade 7/8 boys and Grade 7/8 girls teams are open for tryouts to any Grade 7 or 8 students. The main objectives of these teams are participation and skill development. Junior 8/9 boys and Junior 8/9 girls teams are open for tryouts to any Grade 8 or 9 students. These teams spend a lot of time on skill development and court strategies. The level of play becomes more competitive as the students progress through the grades. The competitive senior teams are open to players from Grades 10 through 12. Teams often have the opportunity to participate in a competitive high school league and a variety of outside tournaments.

Our Interscholastic Teams

  • Cross Country Running
  • Golf
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Badminton
  • Rugby
  • Track & Field
  • Soccer
  • Field Hockey