Leave Your Mark on the Arts

Drama. Music. Visual Arts.

West Island College (WIC) fine arts students are imaginative, creative and dramatic. Each arts discipline adds richness to the patchwork of process and learning that exists in our school. Through exposure to the arts, our students learn discipline, cooperation, innovation, confidence, motivation and self-expression necessary for self-esteem and success both in post-secondary studies and in life.

How You Can Make a Gift

"Theatre doesn't just teach us how to act and write, it teaches us to be better people."

"I see music all around me; in the way people move, the boring traffic, and the laughter shared between my friends and I. Music makes all of life's troubles disappear and I am so thankful to have been blessed with the gift of living a musical existence."

Georgia Gokiert, WIC Band Student


Leave Your Mark on the Arts! 

Show your support for drama, music and the visual arts by naming a seat or seats in our Performance Centre. Leave your mark in the WIC community and make a lasting impression on our students. Money raised will allow the College to provide the equipment, resources and talent required for our fine arts students to flourish.

Our Performance Centre is more than seats, lights and a stage. It’s:

  • a place of learning;
  • where we are inspired by students;
  • a space for students, alumni, family, friends and the larger community to come together to share an experience;
  • a forum to showcase our community’s many talents;
  • sharing the magic of the performing arts; and it’s
  • a site to let our imaginations soar.

For a tax-deductible contribution of $2500.00 we will inscribe your name(s) or the message of your choice on a plate on the armrest of a seat(s) in our beautiful 256 seat theatre.

For more information, contact
Leslie Bergin, Director of Advancement



Name a Seat

  • With your own name as a statement of support of WIC and the arts;
  • In honour of friends and family or in appreciation of a teacher or other special person in your life;
  • With your name and graduation year or years you attended WIC. Or your years as a staff member or teacher;
  • In honour of a production or event in our theatre; or
  • With the name of your business or organization to demonstrate corporate support.

Your Plate

  • Your name plate remains in place for the life of the seat.
  • Can include up to 50 characters, including punctuation and spaces.
  • Please note naming a seat does not reserve the use of the seat or the cost for ticketed performances.