WIC Community, 
The recent murder of George Floyd, the call of the Black Lives Matter movement, and the unprecedented turnout at the anti-racism protests have moved and rallied us to make a commitment to prioritize anti-racism in our community. 

We recognize that we need to work more effectively to foster a diverse and inclusive community.  As such, we are committed to a continued and deeper learning about anti-racism in our students, faculty and staff.
We acknowledge the delay in sending out a communication on this matter. We wanted to first take the time to listen, reflect, and commit to changes and action within our community. We have heard from our students, parents, and alumni. We are listening to them express that, as a school, we should take stronger action to address our own practices. The faculty and staff met this week to discuss our commitment to anti-racism, equity, and inclusion in our immediate school community and our extended community. We shared our thoughts, questions, and emotions, and we discussed what we could be doing to better confront racism and advance equity and inclusion at West Island College. 
We commit to continued learning and discussion over the coming weeks and months to address racism and advance equity and respect at West Island College. As our knowledge evolves, so too will our growth and learning as a community and with that an evolution of curriculum and school practices.    
We welcome further discussion and any contributions you may have as we continue to tackle this important work together. We have included some resources for students, parents, faculty, and staff that may be helpful as we work to create positive discussion and change. 

Gord Goodwin 
Interim Head of School 
West Island College 
Resources for Parents, Teachers and Young Adults on Racism and Color
Anti-Racism Resource List
Anti-Racism Resources and Black-Focused Groups to Support in Calgary