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The purpose of West Island College’s blog is to communicate matters that are important to our school and to give readers a deeper insight into our Vision, Mission, and Values. It does not replace the WIC weekly, email, or our other social media platforms which will all continue to be used to communicate events, highlight achievements, and provide important, timely information.

Reflections from WIC’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Intern

Coming back to WIC in this role has truly been a full-circle moment for me. This has been the most gratifying and fulfilling work. In particular, seeing the progress thus far has made all the difference, filling me with renewed hope for the future minority and marginalized students at WIC.

We're Listening

On Friday, November 26th, faculty and staff learned first-hand from alumni why it is essential that we build a diverse and inclusive community. As you look at this image from the organisation UnLearn, what do you see, think, and wonder? Read on to find out more.

  • Belonging
  • Diversity
  • Identity
  • Inclusion
Wellness and Achievement

When you hear the term “learning loss” at the start of the school year, how does this make you feel? Students could feel stressed about the prospect of being behind before they’ve even started. 

Read on to find out how this, and other sentiments from Dr. David Tranter are shaping our thoughts on student well-being and academic achievement.

Finishing Strong

As we end another school year impacted by COVID-19, many educators and students are glad to see the back of it and quietly slip away into summer. How do we THRIVE and finish PURPOSEFULLY? In this blog post we hear from our school community on what finishing strong means to them.

Photo of WIC '21 graduate, Sachi-Imani Udeh

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