Purpose, Promise, & Commitments

At WIC, incredible opportunities happen every day in an environment where learning is tailored to each individual student; where relationships are nurtured through effective teamwork and collaboration; and where students are immersed in a community of enthusiastic learners. WIC emphasizes respect, responsibility and citizenship. We believe that inspiring our students to pursue excellence in academics, leadership, athletics and global awareness prepares them for success in the future.

Our Purpose

We unleash the potential of passionate and creative problem solvers , ready to contribute to a better world

You can be strong and sure of who you are and what you can do.
You can be brave, exploring outside of your comfort zone.
You can fail without fear, knowing there’s a whole community behind you.
You can be inventive, outrageous, playful and fun.
You can be gentle, thoughtful and introspective.
You can learn without limits and wonder without walls.
You can be part of something bigger – a team, a family, a community.
You can be the most authentic version of you.
You can be fierce in your path, wherever it takes you.
You can be anything, because at WIC, it’s your future to own.

Own Your Future

Our Promise

We challenge, inspire and support one another as we create and imagine our best futures.

Our Commitments


WIC students are ready for the challenges and opportunities life presents them. They grow strong, self-assured and motivated by each WIC experience. Through academic rigour and a supportive environment, our students become resilient problem-solvers who believe they can, and will achieve what they set out to do.


Together WIC students and faculty build a powerful culture of creativity that is without boundaries. We are critical thinkers who challenge ideas, pave new paths and encourage inventiveness whenever possible.


As a close-knit community, we know and care about each other. We foster an environment where students can feel supported while building their futures.

Faculty Credo

We support a philosophy that has the interests of the individual child as the focus.

Children have needs which we are responsible for fulfilling:
They need to be loved, so it is our responsibility to treat our students with love, kindness and respect.
They need to be guided, so it is our responsibility to model the behavior that we expect of them.
They need to be encouraged and challenged, so it is our responsibility to be enthusiastic, well prepared and flexible in our teaching.
They need to belong, so it is the responsibility to all of us, staff and students, to generate a sense of community within the school and an appreciation of our place in the community at large.

As a community:
We should take pride both in our accomplishments and in the accomplishments of our fellows.
We should be proud of the bilingual heritage of our country and in the bilingual nature of our school.
We should work with the school community to generate in all members of this community a sense of respect for ourselves, for our fellows,
for our diversity and for the school.
We should work to generate a sense of commitment both to the school and to the larger community of which we are a part.
To achieve these goals, we will work together harmoniously and honour our commitments.