Parent Guild

What is the West Island College Parent “Guild”?

The West Island College (WIC) Parent Guild represents the volunteer interests of students, parents, alumni, the Board of Directors, faculty, staff and other community members with a demonstrated interest in the school. The WIC Parent Guild originated with the Parent Advisory Council (PAC) when the school was first created.

The PAC was refocused in 2019 and rebranded the WIC Parent Guild in order to serve as the volunteer hub that supports the strategic direction of WIC. The WIC Parent Guild works to enrich the lives of WIC students by providing unique elements that will enhance their physical, social, and general well-being.

How do I become a member of the WIC Parent Guild?

As a parent of a WIC student, you can become a member of the Guild when you register your child. Throughout the year, parents are welcome to volunteer for a variety of school events. The WIC Parent Guild has created a volunteer database to match skills and interests. These events and opportunities will evolve as the volunteer program matures in alignment with the school’s needs.

What does the WIC Parent Guild do for me and my child?

  • You will become an active and contributing member of the WIC community.
  • You will have an information network for resources and knowledge.
  • You will stay informed of the many events in your child’s life at the College.
  • You will meet WIC parents and other members of the WIC community.
  • You will enhance your WIC experience through volunteering, which will translate into a more enriching experience for your child.

What are some examples of WIC Parent Guild Volunteer Opportunities?

If you have a special skill or area of expertise, the WIC Parent Guild would suggest that you consider volunteering your time in one of the following ways:

  • Parent Socials
  • WIC Open House
  • Staff Appreciation
  • WIC Gala
  • New & Returning
    Parents Welcome BBQ
  • Adopt a Family


How do I find out more about the WIC Parent Guild?

As we progress the development of the WIC Parent Guild, watch for announcements in the WIC Weekly, the College’s weekly eNewsletter for more information.

The WIC Parent Guild will be present at various events over the course of the school year. Drop by and ask how you can contribute to the growing WIC community.

If you would like more information on the WIC Parent Guild or would like to join, please contact us at

To view the Parent Guild Charter and Bylaws, please click here.