Prestigious Alumni Awards

Honouring alumni who have made significant contributions in their personal or professional lives in the areas of the Arts, Business, Personal Achievement or Philanthropy. 

PAA for Arts

The PAA for Arts is awarded to an individual who has achieved substantial success and made a significant contribution to the Arts. Recipients may be visual artists or performing artists as well as writers, authors, and professionals working in other artistic spaces to promote the arts and further the discipline. 

PAA for Business

The PAA for Business is awarded to an individual who embodies the qualities of an exemplary business leader who has career accomplishments that deserve tremendous recognition. The individual is a driven competitor in the business world as well as one who remains dedicated to making their community better through generous time and energy outside of the workplace. 

PAA for Philanthropy

The PAA for Philanthropy is awarded to an individual who demonstrates outstanding commitment to a community or cause. This individual serves as an example of altruism, compassion, and social conscience through gifts of both time and treasure. 

PAA for Personal Achievement

The PAA for Personal Achievement honours individuals who have achieved notable personal success in their endeavours by demonstrating resilience and determination. 

Past Recipients

Year Awarded Arts Business Philanthropy Personal Achievement
2024 - Billy Friley ('01)

Jocelyn Bucholtz (née Wolfe) (‘09)

Teri Fikowski ('07)
)2023 Cassie Suche ('12) Thomas Ferianec (‘97) Patrick Chiu (‘09) Raeanne Miller (‘01)
2022 Shaun Ford ('95) Matthew Berard ('05)
Colin McLean ('05)
Ranny Shibley ('01)
Navid Nathoo ('08)
Nadeem Nathoo ('09)
2020 Heather McCrae ('91) Aaron Logan ('04) Jeff Cormack ('01) Erin Bradley ('90)
2019 Brent Martin (’02) Phil Shaer ('91) Sophie Virji ('01) Lauren Alston ('06)
2018 Joanne Chapin (’94) Nadim Vasanji (’01) Amish Patel (’99) Adam Melnyk (’98)
2017 Jeremy Freeborn (’95) Arden Styles ('92) Faheem Allidina ('94) Janine Davies ('90)
2016 Katie Drummond ('04) Manjit Minhas ('98) Kathryn Waslen ('01) Rameez Virji ('11)
2015 Rebecca Leheup ('92) Ola Malik ('89) Tiffany Kieboom ('01) Fraser Abbott ('87)
2014 Patrick Creery ('89) Marshall Anderson ('90) Steve Major ('87) Mike Lovecchio ('88)
2013 Tamar Zenith ('88) Corinne A Lyall ('88) Wade Felesky ('87) Jayson Stoffman ('90)