Message from the Interim Head of School

I hope you are keeping well and safe during these unprecedented times. As a school, we recognize that this is a difficult time for many of our families and students. We are working hard to support our students by providing a robust online learning program and enabling them to reconnect with one another and their teachers. Adapting to what may be our “new normal” for the foreseeable future has not been without its challenges, but I am heartened by the acts of kindness I have witnessed, and the way communities have come together to help one another.

While Alberta schools have been closed for an undetermined period of time, our goal at WIC is to help our families navigate these uncharted waters as best we can. We are committed to ensuring our school community remains closely connected as we keep daily school life moving forward.

On March 17, we rolled out our new Online Learning Platform with great success. Following their regular class schedules, our students are able to have a sense of normalcy during a time that is anything but normal. While we certainly miss the energy, laughter and enthusiasm of our students around the College, it has been amazing to see our faculty and students reconnect remotely.

We have developed WIC’s Framework for Online Learning which clearly outlines for students and parents, the expectations and principles behind our approach to online learning at WIC. It endeavours to capture, in one document, all of the information for our students, teachers and parents.

Despite the uncertainty COVID-19 has created, our promise to our community remains unchanged. We remain connected and focused on our students’ social and emotional well-being, as well as their academic progress. We will complete the school year, ensuring all of our students are fully prepared to proceed to the next grade level or for the transition to post-secondary studies. We will continue to live by our purpose to unleash the potential of passionate and creative problem solvers, ready to contribute to a better world.

Gord Goodwin
Interim Head of School and CEO