WIC Mentoring Program

West Island College’s Mentoring initiative is intended to provide a means for Young Alumni, who have recently completed their university studies or who are just starting their careers, to reach out to an established Alumni within a specific field for guidance.

The mentoring can include such things as career path options, available resources, expectations and/or pitfalls to consider and networking to name a few. The mentoring will be specific to the needs of the mentee and the depth of information provided to the mentee will be up to the discretion and comfort level of the mentor.

Program Expectations

  • We would expect that the mentors and mentees communicate with one another through an established means of communication no less than once every two months.
  • West Island College’s Administrator of Alumni Relations (AAR) will support the partnerships with quarterly communication to both the mentor and mentee throughout the year.
  • It would be expected that both the mentor and mentee provide feedback to the AAR with respect to expectations being met and recommendations if applicable.
  • A suggested minimum initial commitment timeline for involvement in the program would be 12 months. However, personal circumstances for both the mentor and mentee may necessitate a shorter time commitment to the program. Additionally, if both the mentor and mentee wish to extend their mentorship for longer than 12 months, then this would certainly be acceptable as well.
  • Should for any reason, the mentor or mentee wish to discontinue the partnership, this should occur through communication with the AAR.
  • The AAR will initiate initial contact between the mentor and mentee once the mentee has fully completed the application process and the mentor has agreed to accept the mentee.
  • Applications to be a Mentee are limited to graduates of West Island College who are currently in their final year of post-secondary undergraduate education or to those who are recent post-secondary graduates and are in the early years of their careers.
  • This program is not to be confused with a job search platform. Under no circumstances should the mentee be expecting or asking the mentor for help in securing employment. Should this occur, the mentee could be asked to withdraw from the program

WIC Mentoring Program Application

West Island College and its Alumni are pleased to have you apply to the WIC Mentoring Program. As a mentee, you will be matched with a mature Alumni who can offer guidance towards developing your career and related advice and information within a specific field. Thoroughly completing the application will help us in providing you with the best possible mentor. Click Here to Become a Mentee

WIC Mentor Program Application

West Island College and its Alumni are pleased to have you volunteer your time and expertise to the WIC Mentoring Program. As a Mentor, you will be matched with a Mentee in order to offer guidance and advice within a specific field towards supporting the development of the Mentee’s career. Click here to Become a Mentor

Meet our Mentors

WIC Mentor Requests

If you would like to join the WIC Mentoring Program but cannot find a mentor who you feel would be suited to you and your needs, please contact Rolly Chalifoux, Administrator of Alumni Relations by email at rollychalifoux@mywic.ca. In your email, explain what you are looking for in a mentor and we will do our best to find you a suitable mentor.