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As a graduate of West Island College, you are a part of a unique and accomplished group. WIC Graduates go on to do wonderful things: create local businesses, argue in front of the Supreme Court, compete as elite athletes, raise families (including the next WIC generation), and more.

The WIC Alumni Association is here to serve as ambassadors between the past and the future, the alumni, and the school. We foster lifelong relationships with our alumni, and WIC faculty and staff, by providing opportunities to be engaged with the WIC community that ultimately support the College’s mission, vision and values.

Ranny Shibley
2020 Challenge Gift

Support your fellow WICers.  Double your awesome!

Ranny Shibley, Class of 2001 has offered a challenge to WIC Alumni. 

He will match all Alumni donations up to $1000.

This is our chance to help WIC students today and into the future. 

Click Here to Participate!

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