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At WIC, incredible opportunities happen every day in an environment where learning is tailored to each individual student; where relationships are nurtured through effective teamwork and collaboration; and where students are immersed in a community of enthusiastic learners. WIC emphasizes respect, responsibility and citizenship. We believe that inspiring our students to pursue excellence in academics, leadership, athletics and global awareness prepares them for success in the future.


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French Immersion

The French Immersion program at WIC provides students with valuable communicative skills for today's changing global market and acquaints them with the foremost thinkers and writers of countries beyond the English speaking world.


We encourage students to follow their passion and contribute in a meaningful way not only to the WIC community but to the world beyond. WIC, therefore, cultivates individual student growth by providing amazing leadership opportunities.


This program provides students with the opportunity to participate in overseas service-learning experiences. These experiences increase students' social consciousness and cultural understanding while providing meaningful, authentic learning opportunities. 


WIC’s various institutes provide students with hands-on learning experiences to prepare students for success at a post-secondary level. 


Athletic competition plays a vital role in developing one’s physical, intellectual, social and emotional well-being, and WIC takes pride in exceptional student participation rates. WIC offers a wide variety of athletic opportunities from Grade 7 through to Grade 12.

Outdoor Education

WIC recognizes and encourages the educational value of learning experiences in the world outside of the classroom. These experiential learning opportunities complement, enrich, and extend the learning experience of all students at WIC.